This Mandela Day, we empowered another ten emerging businesses with corporate identities and websites.

Next year, in partnership with Motion Projects, the US Consulate, Digital Express and a community of creative volunteers, we plan to double this number.

Which is why we need your help!

In 2018, the Nelson Mandela Foundation challenged all South Africans to use Mandela Day to take sustainable action against poverty.

It’s a call that’s more relevant than ever in 2019.

That’s why we – a voluntary collective of Cape-based designers, copywriters and coders – will once again devote a day of intense creativity to give as many emerging entrepreneurs as we can the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital world. 

By close of business on Thursday 18 July 2019, business owners from previously disadvantaged communities will be equipped with:

  • A professionally designed brand identity
  • A set of business cards
  • A live, fully functioning WordPress website
  • Expert advice on branding


This carefully structured package of services, commercially valued at over R100 000, will boost the chances of success of every participating business in a competitive ecosystem.

The tools to be provided and skills imparted will allow these entrepreneurs to use precious financial resources in on other essential areas, enhancing their capacity to create jobs and stimulate economic activity in their communities.

If you are in a position help us achieve these goals, please click the JOIN US button below. Thank you!


If you’re an emerging entrepreneur with an existing business that is not professionally branded, and does not have its own website, we may be able to help you at the next 67 SQUARED event. Please apply now for 2020.


If you’re a Cape-based designer, copywriter, web developer, digital marketer or brand strategist, and you’d like to be able to donate a day of your time to help an emerging business, we want to hear from you!


If you represent a company that could help by donating funds, food, drinks, equipment, a venue, air time, memory sticks or anything else that could help us help more emerging businesses, we want to hear from you!